Qu Diferencia Hay Entre Un Transporte Pasivo Y Activo

A diferencia del transporte pasivo, que utiliza la energía y la entropía natural de las moléculasmoléculasWithin the fields of molecular biology and pharmacology, a small molecule is a low molecular weight (< 900 daltons) organic compound that may regulate a biological process, with a size on the order of 1 nm. Many drugs are small molecules. › wiki › Small_moleculeSmall molecule - Wikipedia moviéndose a favor de un gradiente, el transporte activo utiliza energía de las célulaslas célulasI-cells also called inclusion cells are abnormal fibroblasts having a large number of dark inclusions in the cytoplasm of the cell (mainly in the central area). The inclusions are of various fats, proteins, carbohydrates, pigments and other insolubles. › wiki › I-cellI-cell - Wikipedia para moverlas contra un gradiente, repulsión polar o algún otro tipo de resistencia

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