What Countries Have Lyme Disease

In Asia, Borrelia burgdorferiBorrelia burgdorferiThe Ixodes tick progresses through four stages of development: egg, larva, nymph, and adult (see the following image for examples of each stage). Only larvae, nymphs, and adult female ticks require blood meals, and only ticks in the nymphal and adult stages can transmit B burgdorferi. Lyme disease. › answers › what-is-the-infectious-…What is the infectious cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi? – Medscape infection has been reported in countries including China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, and eastern Turkey. In Europe, most Lyme disease is reported by Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Lyme disease in Europe is primarily caused by B afzelii and B garinii

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