What Does Hortensio Teach Bianca

Bianca declares that she is ready for her music lesson now, and Hortensio sends LucentioLucentioLucentio is a young man who arrives in Padua ready to pursue his studies, along with his servant Tranio. Almost immediately, though, he falls in love with Bianca, and devotes all his energy to wooing her. He disguises himself as Cambio, a teacher of languages, so that he can teach Bianca and spend time with her. › lit › characters › lucentioLucentio Character Analysis in The Taming of the Shrew | LitCharts away. Under the pretense of teaching Bianca musical scales, he encourages Bianca, “take [Hortensio] for thy lord,” (iii. 1.78). A servant interrupts and tells Bianca that she must help Katherine prepare for her wedding

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