What Does Mrs. Mallard Learn At The End Of The Story?

The short story “The Story of an HourThe Story of an HourAt the end of this story, Louise Mallard drops dead when she sees her husband enter the house. The doctor and other characters presume that she has been overcome with “joy that kills” since she had been told that Brently, her husband, was killed in a train accident. › homework-help › quot-story-an-ho…In, “The Story of an Hour” What does the reader know at the end of the” by Kate ChopinKate ChopinBy the early 1890s, Chopin forged a successful writing career, contributing short stories and articles to local publications and literary journals. She also initially wrote a number of short stories such as “A Point at Issue!”, “A No-Account Creole”, “Beyond the Bayou” which were published in various magazines. › wiki › Kate_ChopinKate Chopin – Wikipedia tells of Louise Mallard, a young wife afflicted with heart trouble who hears that her husband has been killed in a railroad disaster. She goes up to her room to process the news on her own. At the end of the story, it is revealed that her husband is still alive

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